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By the Book

I worked as creative director and business strategy intern for By the Book summer of 2020. By the Book was a startup at the time, barely over a year old with about 50 families who were regular clients. It was a unique startup situation. All nine of us who were working for By the Book (including the owner) spent the summer living in a small three bedroom home in Belleview, WA. Our whole lives were thrown into the business- often waking up before dawn to work and staying up into the late hours of the night.  I wore many hats during my time with By the Book including choreographer, script writer, director, brand consultant, market researcher and more.

Content Development 


Develop content to help children memorize books and chapters of the Bible. Chapter lesson content included commentary, coloring pages, games, object lessons, bookmarks, online games, and music videos. The pdf is a snippet of the content we distributed to homeschool teachers. 



Over the course of the summer, we developed content for the entire book of James and Ephesians chapter 6. We divided the scriptures into chunks and then took time to gather and analyze respected commentary. After we digested the commentary, we outlined content for the music videos, storybooks, bookmarks, etc. The key for this project was catering the content so it was easily understandable to children. Once the content was outlined, we passed off the project to the graphic designers and programmers to carry out the ideas. We'd check in throughout the week to see how the development was coming. Also throughout the week we would work on developing the music and writing out detailed lesson plans. At the end of each week, the whole team would film the music video. 


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