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Content Writing
for Businesses with

You launched for a reason. Tell people about it.

Get imaginative & on-the-mark content assets like

web copy, social posts, landing pages and more. 

feel confident in your content

Spark the imaginations of your audience with on-brand messaging that captures your organization's spirit. I'll  champion your cause and gets to know your messaging as if I were in-house. Use content you're proud of and that feels 100% you. 

foster vibrant community

Elicit a response from your network. Invite them into engaging conversations, leave them with contemplative questions, or welcome them into imaginative storylines. Get tailored content that speaks directly to your target audiences.

gain back your time

Creating quality content is time consuming. Frankly, you have more valubale ways to spend your time. Save time and mental energy while getting imaginative content that shares the heart behind your brand. 

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I create imaginative, on-the-mark content assets to help community-building, mission-driven businesses express themselves and connect with their audience. 


Check below to browse what kinds of content assets I offer. Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Send a quick message with the description of the work you need done to see if we can work together. 

the vibe

Working with a freelancer means collaboration. So here's the gist of what it's like to work with me: 

Workstyle: Flexible & Imaginative. 

Share content ideas whenever. Closely collaborate or just send over a project. Either way, your content is going to represent your company's heart and spark the imagination of your audience. 

Vibe: Mellow & Inquisitive.

I typically come off as mellow and will ask heaps of questions. My top priority is to champion your causes in a way you love, which means lots of listening and getting to know you. 

Mindset: Intentionally Holistic & Empathetic

If you want content assets that feel compassionate & can speak to multiple audiences, let's chat. I'm a deep appreciator of cultures and love creating content with various worldviews and perspectives in mind. 

projects & businesses

Mediterranean Tourism

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Reviews / Home page


Shay had to lead an undertaking as an intern that companies generally pay consulting firms to manage for them... Her listening skills, ability to interpret with emotional depth and propensity for honest interactions that foster trust are particular personal assets she brings.

Angela V.

From excel documents to powerpoint presentations, Shay's work is consistent and thorough. She has a service-oriented, can-do attitude and willingness to jump into a wide variety of projects. I could not more strongly recommend Shay.

Emilie J.

Shay puts her mind to something and doesn’t rest until she has reached her goal. She is a creative thinker and is perfect for finding the out-of-the-box answers that are needed to stay relevant and competitive in any field. She truly is a joy to work with!

Josh E.

Shay is a creative, innovative, hard worker who is excellent at capturing a vision and breaking down practical steps to achieve that goal. She interned with our start-up and added so much value in those formational moments. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to take their business to the next level. 

Rose W.

To portray the heart behind each organization through accurate and imaginative content assets. 

That my written content would increase opportunities for clients to build community and encourage them in their efforts to serve and love others. 

That my partnership with businesses would provide business owners further capacity to serve and love their employees, customers and communities.  

That businesses I partner with would develop 

To inspire and encourage businesses in their efforts to build community;


and love their employees, customers, and community.

to build community, and



provide platforms and opportunity through written word for businesses to better love and serve their employees, customers, and community.  

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