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FitPilot was a business planning project I collaborated on with the engineering department at Grove City College and a local manufacturer. The assignment was to conduct market research to see if the fitPilot machine was appealing to customers and then develop a preliminary business plan to pass along to the engineers and manufacturer. 

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Presentation Design

As head of design and copywriting for the team, I was given the opportunity to design the initial brand and incorporate it throughout our reports and slide deck.  I collaborated with a designer to develop the logo and then created the rest of the brand around the design we came up with. 

Developing the copy writing for fitPilot was interesting. I had a few audiences to think about: the 3 target markets we were considering as our customers, our engineers and manufacturing partners and the investors our engineers will eventually be pitching to. It was challenging and fun to figure out how to write for such a wide variety of audiences. 

Copywrite, Analysis & Reporting


To develop a pitch and survey the market to see if fitPilot would be a viable product. 


I worked with three other gentlemen on the pitch team to conduct a market analysis and draft a preliminary business plan for the fitPilot machine. Although we worked as a team, each member of the pitch team was responsible for different aspects of the project. My responsibilities included design, copy writing, and ensuring project cohesion. 

The business plan and report were given to the engineering team and head manufacturer upon completion with a recommendation for further research and development. While the team was proud of the work, we knew before fitPilot could enter the market major technological improvements and further research about the science of the workout was still needed. 

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