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Geodesy Bracelet Co.

Geodesy Bracelet company was an e-commerce pop-up shop created to raise funds for low income youth to be able to attend summer camp. The team and I worked together to develop a simple product to take to market and then sold the product both wholesale and retail for approximately four months. As with other entrepreneurial projects, I wore many hats including financial officer, technological officer, and editor of brand voice. 

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Presentation Design

Geodesy Bracelet Co. operated as a seasonal e-commerce and pop up shop and existed to raise funds for underprivileged children. Despite operating as a company, Geodesy was more of a business simulation acting as a fundraiser. We had a set amount of time to operate, after which we all agreed to donated our earnings and disburse whatever assets we had. During the time we had, our team managed to triple the sales of the fundraisers we were competing with and set records for gross sales per team member. 

Copywriting, Analysis & Reporting

Financial officer: 

I served as the financial officer of Geodesy Bracelet Company. After analyzing our performance in the first quarter, I suggested we pivot to wholesale and business sales rather than only selling to individuals. Switching our marketing efforts to concentrate on businesses led to Geodesy tripling the revenues of our competitors with less effort. Geodesy financially operated more like a fundraiser. If you would like to view my work as financial officer, see pages 13-21. 

Technological Officer: 

As technological officer, I built and operated the company website  and acted as IT support for customers when needed. The website was recognized in the competition for being easily navigable and having beautiful design.  Another large part of my job as CTO was communicating to the team which media platforms and sales efforts were driving web sales. If you would like to view my work as CTO, see Appendix A. 


My final task related to Geodesy was developing copy and ensuring a cohesive brand voice across all of our platforms.  

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