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Hope International

During my time working with HOPE International, I assisted the microfinance team in research and analysis for an expansion project. Apart from my main expansion project, I also developed a cultural manual and culural manual templates, reviewed and edited quarterly reports through PowerBI, created an initial draft for a help page for a Burundian banking app, and scraped all content from all microfinance institutions network wide for webpage revamps. 

Presentation Design 

Tool Building & Analysis

Click above to download MFI Africa Greenfield Research.xlsx


I developed an excel tool to grade 57 African countries in 7 different categories comprised of data from 26 different metrics. You can view the tool by selecting the XLS file. 


On the tool you will find a "Master Sheet" tab, which contains all the data points for each country in each metric. You will also find a "Weighted Grade" tab, which organizes and measures the data points and then returns the overall desirability score of each country (see cells G4:G57 or table "Country_Overall_Rank").


The images provided account for about 5% of  this project.  I recommended opening the excel file to view the full tool.  For further information on how the tool works, view the "Tool Instructions"  tab located on the sheet. 

Master List ex..PNG
Cross Cultural Manual


Develop a cross-cultural manual to be used by HOPE staff members in preparation for business trips overseas. 



I began by outlining everything HOPE might want in the manual. Unlike other culture manuals I've worked on in the past, this manual was specifically for business etiquette. After researching a list of what typically goes into business etiquette manuals, I drafted an outline and proposed it HOPE. 

Once the outline was approved, I developed a list of questions I needed answers to in order to create quality and comprehensive content. I also created a list of potential interviewees for each nation. Interviewees tended to be business professionals native to the country, but also business professionals who had previously resided in each nation. 

 I collected and organized the responses of interviewees into a spreadsheet and cross checked answers with other interviewees for confirmation.

After compiling all of the relevant information, I designed a template to be used for future cross-cultural manuals. Once the template was finished, I was able to complete the Rwandan cultural manual and begin manuals for four other nations. 

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