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Strategic & relevant copywriting compels customers to action

If you've been wondering....

  • Why do people leave my site without taking action?

  • How can my website more clearly reflect the company’s story or DNA?

  • Why does my website feels clunky, wrong or outdated?'s probably time to take another look at the writing on your company's website.

A customer stumbles upon your site. They browse around and even add some products to a cart. The customer is halfway through filling out a short "learn more" form and suddenly, they leave. No purchases were made. No further steps were taken.

Why do people leave my site without taking action? Why do I have so many site visits but so few sales?

You've poured a lot into making your company excellent. What you offer on your site is superior to anything your buyers could find on the market. You've dedicated countless hours and resources to being the best possible solution for your customers....

But your company is still being overlooked and undervalued. People leave your site before even trying to learn more about what you offer.

How do I get potential customers to recognize my value?

Before scrapping your old marketing plan or hiring on a new sales team- try reading over your website and ask these questions:

  • Have I made any recent updates or changes to my products or services?

  • Has my target market shifted recently?

  • Does the writing on my site feel outdated, irrelevant, old?

  • Does my site lack a clear call to action that would lead to a sale?

  • Is there any confusion about what value I offer my customers?

  • Am I re-doing my company website soon?

  • Has it been over a year since I've updated the writing on my site?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it might not be that you need to significantly change your business model or hire more people. You might just need to freshen up your website with relevant, fresh and strategic writing.

Creating good writing of any kind takes focus and time. Creating great writing that is both strategic and compelling takes even more creative energy and time.

If you have the time to creatively and strategically dig into the writing on your site, here are some great sites to check out on how to strategically develop content.

OR, maybe as a business owner you're a little busy and want someone with copywriting experience to help.

I care about supporting business owners and I want to help grow your company! When I partner with businesses, I dig into each company's unique DNA to understand the full potential value they offer. My ability to dig into, connect with, and understand companies uniquely enables me to create relevant, honest, and compelling content that speaks to customers.

If you have an idea of the writing you want freshened, send me an email. Include a brief overview of your company, a link to your business, and a sample of the content you want revamped. We'll set up a meeting where you can share about your company and your goals for the writing on your site. After that, we'll draft up a project plan and I'll get to work.

In the end you'll have

  • compelling content that leads to customer action

  • writing on your website you can be proud of

  • writing that clearly communicates your company's value and DNA.


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