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BClear Pools

Copywriting, Brand Copy, Web Design, Web Management, Brand Design

Since late 2022, I've collaborated with Matt Bippus of BClear Pools to establish a strong online presence. After many years of running his own pool clearning business, Matt decided he wanted a website where he could show off his cleaning services, clarify his offering, and get discovered by online users.

Since the creation of BClear Pools' website, my role has extended beyond web development. I've assisted Matt in developing his online infrastructure, including the establishment of his business email system, configuring his Google My Business for optimal reach, and the strategic setup of Google Ads campaigns to amplify brand exposure. Additionally, I've supported BClear Pools with print and marketing assets.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to continue empowering BClear Pools to thrive in the digital landscape, fostering meaningful connections with its audience and supporting their business growth.

Deliverables & Documents

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