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Web Design, Web Management, Brand Design

In early 2023 I began working with FLAEYC as a web manager for their site. The original website had been passed from developer to developer, and had some backend issues that needed a full revamp, and the front end design was feeling a little dated. By mid 2023, Wendy (elected Executive Director), had reached out to discuss a new website. 

Come November, Wendy had gotten approval from the board and the FLAEYC team made plans to launch the new site in February 2024. This meant a project turnaround of approximately 6 weeks after the beginning of the project in late Decemeber. 

Within 6 weeks, I was able to provide a revised web flow, 6 options for design styles, and a brand new site for the FLAEYC team. A week after launch, the website was fully functional in tandem with FLAEYC's CRM partners and the mobile site was optimized as well. 

It is my privledge to continue to work with the delightful FLAEYC team and contribute to this organization that carries true impact for childhood education in their state. 

Deliverables & Documents

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