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Hope International

Reports, Research, Content Strategy, Business Strategy, Powerpoint, Documents

My tenure with HOPE International was defined by strategic research, report development, and brand enhancement initiatives. Collaborating with the microfinance team, I conducted extensive research and analysis to inform the expansion of branches across Africa. Additionally, I worked to develop reports and manuals on cross cultural sensitivity, empowering staff with the tools they needed for effective operation. 

Strategic Analysis | The Hope International microfinance team was seeking to expand their operations to new nations in Africa. I supported their strategic decision making process by developing an excel tool that would rank 57 countries in 7 categories comrpised of 26 weighted metrics.  The countries were then categorized according to its suitability for the goal alignment of Hope International. For further information on how the tool works, view the "Tool Instructions"  tab located on the  attached excel sheet.

Culture Manuals | 

Assignment: Develop a cross-cultural manual to be used by HOPE staff members in preparation for business trips overseas.

Process: I drafted an outline for a cross-cultural manual focused on business etiquette for HOPE's international business trips. After approval, I identified key questions and potential interviewees from each nation. I collected responses via interviews, cross-checked information, and organized it into a spreadsheet. Using this data, I designed a template for future manuals. This process allowed me to complete the Rwandan manual and start manuals for four other nations.

"From excel documents to powerpoint presentations, Shay's work is consistent and thorough. She has a service-oriented, can-do attitude and willingness to jump into a wide variety of projects. I could not more strongly recommend Shay." - Emilie J.

Deliverables & Documents

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