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Sojourn Turkiye

Copywriting, Brand Copy, Web Design

In spearheading Sojourn's branding journey, I immersed myself in the essence of their vision, distilling their core values into compelling narratives. Collaborating with the talented brand and marketing team, we crafted a robust identity that not only resonated with their audience but also propelled them to achieve threefold their previous revenue. Cheers to the team effort behind this remarkable success!

For me, the highlight of working with Sojourn happened while I was conducting interviews to nail down brand messages.  During these interviews I listened to staff & owners talk about their love, dreams, and hopes for Sojourn. 

"Shay had to lead an undertaking that companies generally pay consulting firms to manage for them... Her listening skills, ability to interpret with emotional depth and propensity for honest interactions that foster trust are particular personal assets she brings." - Angela V.

Deliverables & Documents

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