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US Renal Care

Research, Copywriting, Analysis

This project was done in collaboration with Circa Creative Studios. 

This was a micro strategy, research and writing project done for a potential program US Renal Care was looking into launching. The client was looking to devleop a program to inform their patients and doctors about __ access.

After recieving references from the USRC team, I put together a document with audience insights containing relevant statistics and information for the Circa team to reference as we strategized mood, tone & design for the program. 

After we had a clear picture of the which audiences we were adressing, Circa developed three design options for the USRC team to choose from. The USRC team picked a mood related to life, nature, and peace, which we moved forward with. I developed sample copy and brand tone for the Circa team to use in their mockups and final presentation to USRC. Attached are the mockups including the copy, along with the copy documents & audience insights document. 

Deliverables & Documents

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