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BAM Global

Web Design, Copywriting, Blog Articles, Flyers, Social Media Management, Web Copy, Email Pages

I've been collaborating with BAM Global since early 2023. During our partnership, we've revamped their communications by creating fresh graphics, developing a new logo, crafting event branding for their global conferences, redesigning their two websites, and refining content strategies.

I am excited to provide continued communications support to BAM Global. For over a year, I've assisted BAM Global's communications team with ongoing content creation, sponsor communications, events campaigns, and social media management. Moving forward, we'll be collaborating to redesign their main website and resource center website. 

The highlight of working with BAM Global has undeniably been the opportunity to collaborate closely with a truly creative, and passionate team. Engaging in ongoing content creation, particularly crafting insightful blog articles, has allowed me to  dive into major world issues. Delving into these topics has not only fostered a deeper understanding but has also presented the chance to contribute to thought leadership and offer meaningful value to a global business network. It's been an immensely rewarding experience to merge creativity with purpose, translating ideas into impactful content.

"Shay has a great mix of creative skills and ability to execute. We have been able to throw a range of tasks at her and she has been adaptable and organised. Shay has worked on our overall communications strategy, as well as individual projects and she has brought a fresh perspective, creativity and innovation at all levels. She is flexible and collaborative which has been an asset working virtually."- Jo Plummer, Founder & Creative Director, BAM Global

Sample of Deliverables

Articles & Interviews

Hope in Adversity: An Interview with a BAM Company in the Middle East

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Woven into His Story

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The BAM Global
Summit: A Time to Glorify
the Work of God

Stories of People Getting Involved in Business as Mission

Project Gallery

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