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About Shay

Empathy. Diligence. Creativity. Prudence. Collaboration.

I believe businesses are tools that solve deeper problems in the world. I believe business owners often act as the unrecognized heroes who support whole communities. 

I've supported and collaborated with entrepreneurs on all types of projects. During my time, I've had countless opportunities to create customer- centric content that moves organizations forward.  The services I've listed are just an outline, but I know content creation comes in all shapes and sizes, so let's talk if you have a need. I'm a goal-oriented, self-motivated, team player who's passionate about jumping in to help. Looking for help on your next project? 


To portray the heart behind each organization through accurate and imaginative content assets. 

the vibe

Working with a freelancer means collaboration. So here's the gist of what it's like to work with me: 

Workstyle: Flexible & Imaginative. 

Share content ideas whenever. Closely collaborate or just send over a project. Either way, your content is going to represent your company's heart and spark the imagination of your audience. 

Vibe: Mellow & Inquisitive.

I typically come off as mellow and will ask heaps of questions. My top priority is to champion your causes in a way you love, which means lots of listening and getting to know you. 

Mindset: Intentionally Holistic & Empathetic

If you want content assets that feel compassionate & can speak to multiple audiences, let's chat. I'm a deep appreciator of cultures and love creating content with various worldviews and perspectives in mind. 

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