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Justin Teaches Piano

Brand Copy, Brand Design, Web Copy, Logo Design, Web Design

This project was done in collaboration with Tanner Germany.

Professor Justin Alcorn, a Nashville based Piano teacher & classical pianist, wanted a brand identity and web page he could confidently share his with potential clients.

On a Saturday afternoon, we met with Justin to discuss his ideas for his brand, his functionality needs for his site, and develop a content outline. Within 8 hours, we delivered a brand identity, had outlined his website, and developed the copy and alt text for site. Two weeks later, Justin's website was launched, sharing Justin's piano brand across the Nashville area.

"Working with Shay to build my website was much simpler than I expected. I've always been daunted by the idea of making a website, but Shay helped me through it with much excitement! We spent an afternoon answering some different questions she needed, I gave her some of my prewritten information, and that was all I needed to do! She gave me updates as the work was being done, communicating efficiently throughout the whole process. Now that it's done, I'm confident in sharing my information with potential clients. Shay worked hard so that I could focus on what I love to do. For that, I'm extremely grateful."

- Justin Alcorn, Founder of Justin Teaches Piano

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