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Sojourn Turkiye

Copywriting, Brand Copy, Web Design

When first considering rebranding, Angela (CEO) said she wanted the Sojourn she saw online to feel like the Sojourn she knew. Sojourn crafts customized, beautiful, serendipitous tours of the Mediterranean— but she worried the site and other media didn't reflect the excellence of the company. In her own words, she said the site felt outdated and the words felt wrong. She told our team that if Sojourn was going to do a rebrand, she wanted it to be done right. The rebrand needed to capture the true heart and essence of the — if that wasn't doable in the amount of time we had, then we would drop the project.

My primary area of operation in the rebrand was articulation. That is, I was in charge of discovering the words we'd use to articulate the values, purpose, and vision of Sojourn. In order to best understand what this vision was, I spent time synthesizing information from Sojourn's foundational documents.

Once I had compiled all the information, I developed a list of questions to help me better understand the heart of Sojourn. With these new questions, I began conducting interviews. It was time to see if the words previously used to describe Sojourn on paper truly aligned with the words the staff and owners would use.

I documented everything, noting every common thread and similar idea. After pitching a preliminary round of brand copy to Angela, the rest of the team was able to take our foundation and begin building out the brand design.

The design team took over selecting colors, fonts and developing the new logo as I continued to focus in on the company's key messages and developing new copy to be used across the Sojourn brand.

In the end, we came up with these three key messages which we felt truly encompassed the heart of Sojourn.....

(Click below to watch the video with our messages)

"Shay had to lead an undertaking that companies generally pay consulting firms to manage for them... Her listening skills, ability to interpret with emotional depth and propensity for honest interactions that foster trust are particular personal assets she brings." - Angela V.

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